Reconstruction Era

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Welcome to Reconstruction Era
Welcome to our community website! We have no idea why you are here but feel free to enjoy our beautiful, handcrafted home page. Above are links to important community pages, such as our Discord, Teamspeak, Forums, Donation Page, Wiki, and Community Channel. Below you can read a bit about how the community operates and the different games that we play.

About Our Community
Reconstruction Era is a close-knit gaming community that was founded in the Fall of 2016. We are mostly organized around our Discord, but also make use of different platforms such as Teamspeak, Reddit, and our Forums. We regularly host sessions for strategy games as well as hosting game servers. Reconstruction Era has hosted Minecraft, Garry's Mod, and ARMA community servers.

Join R.E. if you are interested in finding a nice group of people to play video games with, or merely want to hang out. We're constantly expanding our community and playing new games.